ClioVis to review and study 

Student: “ClioVis helped me review for the final exam by allowing me to take a theme from the course and trace its development throughout history. I particularly liked being able to see the multiple connections that existed among various people and events in my timeline. It helped me to visualize how the many concepts we studied this semester are very interconnected and build upon one another. Being able to conceptualize particular themes, view them in a timeline format throughout history, and connect them to each other made ClioVis a very useful tool for my studying.”

Student: “ClioVis helped me review for the final exam since it was another form of studying. On top of studying for the exam directly, doing this timeline also prompted me to look back at my notes and draw connections between important events. ”

Student: “It helped me sort through all of my material and consider high-level, overarching themes…It was simple to input the description and reference for each item.”

Student: ” I found ClioVis very helpful in understanding the big picture and realizing that much of what we learned was simultanous and/or continuities of the past…It really helped me place people and events within their historical context, relative to other people and events.”

ClioVis for term papers and projects

Student: “The timeline helped me see the progression of ideologies throughout early modern Europe. For instance, I started with Laura Cereta who advocated for a particular “freedom” and saw how that one voice grew into the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Citizen. Additionally, I realize just how many revolutionary voices there were in early modern Europe. Overall, I feel that I understand the periodization in this course because of the timeline.”

Student: “In order to complete my timeline, I had to read through all of my notes to find people and events that had some impact on my main theme (education). This forced me to look at their historical significance in a new way, in addition to just having more exposure to the material.”

ClioVis interface

Student: “I liked being able to have multiple timelines with different themes… This particular project was very informative in dealing with my group’s different timelines.

Student: “The ways we have to put in dates with corresponding descriptions, then an image made a visual and kinesthetic connection for me, so, easier to remember as a sequence of connected events.”

Student: “I like having all of our information laid out in a linear, easy to find way.”

Student: “The software interface is straightforward. I liked being able to connect various events and look at larger historical patterns”

Student: “Easy to understand layout, very intuitive creation buttons”

Student: “I like how different it is, not the same as a typical essay. The ability to choose something that interested us and work independently”

Student: “Easy to make connections between events, easy to create events, and made working as a group easy because it was remote.”

Student: “I thought ClioVis was relatively straight forward and easy to add events and different eras to the timeline. It was easy to use and figure out.”

Student: “I like the type of information the software asks for. I like making the connections and visually seeing them all together. Creating a timeline gave me an interesting perspective to view [lectures] with. It’s neat to see the cause and effect.”

Student: “It was a nice way to visualize the events and how they relate to each other. Colors were nice to have.”

Student: “It was very easy to create events in ClioVis…The timeline interface was also easy to maneuver. After I populated all my events it was extremely easy to see the change over time, what events were occurring at the same time but in different areas of the world, as well as what type of ideology/models were circumventing the world.”

ClioVis for Family/Community Projects

Maria, Salt Lake City, Utah: “For some time I had contemplated writing a family history using Birth, Wedding, and Obituary records as sources. The ClioVis program allowed this 74 year old grandmother to put together a family history with ease and efficiency. The finished diagram showed the complete family with ties and connections.  This made it simple to visualize all the connections in our family.”