Syllabus Generator

We’ve created a “syllabus generator” to help make creating and updating your course syllabi a bit easier.

Enter the basic information for your course, pick your teaching days (M,W,F, or T,H, or M,T,W,H,F), time of class, etc. Enter beginning and end dates of the semester. The syllabus generator creates a list of all your class dates.
Enter your class plans for each day (you can copy and paste material from perviously created syllabi) or write new plans.

You can add various sections as needed: Course description, course policies, grading and assessment, university policies, etc. and enter the text you need for those sections.

Once you’ve filled out the form, you can export all the information as a text doc and customize as you wish (add pictures, weblinks, etc.).
Next semester, you can go back to the syllabus generator and update as needed. You change the dates you teach, semester dates, edit day plans, etc.

Happy Course Planning.

Note: Syllabi are stored locally in your browser. If you clear your browsing data, they will be deleted.